Photo by Collette Anderson
Kudos to my cousins Linda, Tommy, Denise, Michael and Anne Marie who hosted a really joyous 50th wedding anniversary party for my godparents, Tom and Simonne Duggan.  I am uniquely qualified to comment on this event since I was at their wedding half a century ago.  Well, not fully there - I officially arrived on the earth  about 2 weeks later.  Because my arrival was imminent, the pictures of my mother at the wedding are obscured by tastefully placed baskets of flowers.   Despite the heat, the anniversary party was a nice opportunity to catch up with family.  
    This weekend also brought me to the Higgins Armory to complete my research of various weapons, such as a halberd. You don't see those much anymore, but I can imagine where this could be a handy thing to have around.    
    My weekend finished with my Dad telling me that he had some lettuce  for me.  Given my chipmunk woes, I was happy to get it.  And I really can't fault my father for gloating as it is a vibrant green color, has a satisfying crunch, and there are no small chipmunk bites on it.    I can't tell if I  am  more impressed or  envious - at least I am enjoying really good salads!  


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