"What are you doing,
Farmer Small?" I asked.
"Getting ready for Halloween tonight," he said.
"I have some bad news, Farmer Small.  Halloween was last night." 
    "There were no trick or treaters that came to the door, and our house was dark. You're wrong!"
" Actually, Susan and I had to go out last night, so we didn't  turn on the lights or give out candy." 
Farmer Small's little body jerked and twisted.I think he tried to stamp his little plastic foot but I couldn't really tell because of his costume.  
"You people are lousy! What is the point of living inside if you don't celebrate the holidays? Are you also skipping Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Farmer Small Appreciation Day, and Christmas? " 
    "Farmer Small Appreciation Day?" I asked. 
    "YES." he said.   
     "I've never heard of it," I said. 
    "Well, how about the rest of the holidays?" he asked.  
    "I promise we'll celebrate those." 
    "Fine." he said as he turned to leave. 
    "Where are you going now? 
    "I'm going to trick or treat anyway.  I bet people will still give me candy. And if they do, I'M NOT SHARING." 
    Usually I'd lecture him about yelling and  sharing. But honestly, I think he has a point.    



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