Another small harvest.
"Good news!" said Farmer Small. "I figured out how to solve the scary  big vegetable problem."
"That's great," I said. "What did you come up with?"
Farmer  Small  took me into the kitchen to show me his solution. "It's a cantaloupe, " he said proudly. 
" Why isn't it still growing on the vine?" I asked. 
    "I figured I'd pick it before it got too big. You can tell what it is." 
    "Yeah, but it's not ripe - no one will eat that."
    "You eat what we grow? "
    "That's the point of the garden," I said. 
    "Not to me, said Farmer Small, I just grow it." 
    "You don't eat it?" I asked
      He shot me a look of pity.  "I'm plastic," he said, "I don't eat anything. You going to eat that big mystery vegetable?" 
    " I'm going down to see the Grumpy Farmer today, and if he knows what it is, I'll probably eat it." 
    "I'm not sure I'd trust that guy," said Farmer Small, but it's up to you." 



09/21/2012 5:23pm

Where will farmer small go when it snows?
Seems like a bad end without a seasonal plan

farmer small
09/23/2012 7:44am

Was that an offer or a question? I'm scared of snowplows but am otherwise handy to have around!

09/24/2012 11:22am

I think Farmer Small should live inside your home until spring-maybe on a windowsill- watching the weather

09/24/2012 6:59pm

Hi Nicole. If he makes it through the fall we can probably find space for him on a windowsill - seems only fair:)

10/02/2012 4:56am

I think you should get farmer small a golf cart to help him get around.. I can arrange that!!

10/02/2012 7:43pm

thank you for your kind offer, but I have been informed that golf carts and golf cart maintainance are not in the budget.

10/08/2012 4:00pm

Ha go figure... Must be another irrational comment from the Mrs.....

10/08/2012 4:23pm

Clearly you've missed your calling as a marriage counselor!

10/14/2012 11:41am

Ha. How does farmer small think about Zumba?.?


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