"Hi Farmer Small. Where have you been? 
"I've been busy doing things. And now, I have a problem with my tomato plants in the can." 
I looked at the can. The tomato plants were a crowded leafy mess.  In the middle of the mess was an odd looking figure. 
"What's that thing in the can?"
Farmer Small beamed. "That's my garden gnome! My friend Janine gave him to me."
"Don't you think he's too big for your can?"
Farmer Small scowled at me. 
"No. He's not too big.  The can is too small. That's the problem with growing things in cans."
"How about if we transplant the tomatoes?" I asked. 
"You have a bigger can?" 
"Actually, I have some peat pots we could put them in." 
"Well, where would my gnome go?"   
I thought about it.  I have never liked garden gnomes. I have always thought that they were kind of creepy. 
 "I'm thinking we send it back to your friend Janine."  
Farmer Small looked at me. "He has feelings and a name you know." 
"Really - what is it?" 
Farmer Small shot me smile. "Alaska." 
I groaned. Farmer Small started jumping around laughing. "Gnome Alaksa! He's not real! He's plastic!  Can't you tell what's real?" 
Not anymore.



Shane, Favortie nephew, Bilodeau
05/01/2013 6:08pm

Are you and mom fighting. I thought she was more than a friend. I tought she was your sister. Hahahaha.

As always


Farmer Small
05/02/2013 3:55am

Hi Shane!
Janine is MY friend! If she is Celine's sister does that makes us brothers? How does that work? I've always wanted a brother-even more than a gnome!
Love as always -
Your friend (and maybe brother!)
Farmer Small


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