Farmer finds giant watermelon
 Sometime in the spring when I was planning a garden, I decided to take a chance on a  watermelon plant.  I've always thought of watermelon as a generous and exotic fruit. For those out there who will tell me to stop by the nearest WalMart where I can find a crate of one hundred watermelons at $4.99 each: thank you for the helpful information.  
    If you think about it, a  watermelon is pretty much the biggest fruit that you can grow in your backyard. That alone makes it cool.  Of course, the single watermelon in my backyard hasn't achieved any substantial size yet. Right now it is aspiring to the dimensions of a tennis ball.  In the interim, it's giving me a lot to think about. If it does get bigger, when will it achieve full growth?  Will I be painting a jack-o-lantern face on it, or carving it into a swan to place next to the turkey on my Thanksgiving table?  I was talking to a farmer the other day who told me that size and time are really just matters of perspective. I figure he's probably right. 


08/15/2012 7:06am

The photo reminds me of Lois Lenski...The Small Farm, or was it Farmer Small?


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