Birthday plant by Sharon!
 When a writer is at a loss for words it is not a good thing - unless she is struck speechless by the kindness and generosity of her friends.  Somehow, in a week where people had houseguests, work commitments, and family obligations, they took time to throw a surprise birthday party for me.  Of course, these women have a sense of humor so I was given the task of  making the cupcakes for the  "party for Kathleen."  This party caught me so off guard that even after I walked in and they yelled "Suprise!" my first thought was "Who just walked in behind me?"  There is so much more to say, but for now, I will leave it with thank-you: you all teach and inspire me so much. 
    The rest of the week did not have as much writing and editing as I had hoped, but had so much more living that I cannot complain.  The garden has less weeds, the dog and I shared some Q time at the beach, and the St. David's Pig Roast was a success!  I have better ideas for smoothing out the book and have even developed fond feelings for the chipmunk.  


Sue McCarthy
07/25/2012 6:38am

You're very welcome of course. Enjoyed your words as always. Sorry we can't share your positive feelings for the chipmunk....Hope you're having a good week at work. You must be so looking forward to "family week" in York. Hoping we can join you next Friday. Will let you know ASAP.

07/31/2012 4:33am

Thanks Sue! Hope to see you both Friday and enjoy your week until then!


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