"Join me for a drink slugs!" says Farmer Small
 I came home from work tonight after a slightly stressful day and thought I'd unwind by taking a walk over to the garden to see what was growing.  It was then that I discovered that the watermelon, which hadn't really been changing much, had developed an area that was more brown than striped white and green.  When I picked it up, there was a hole in its side, and a suspicious looking slug lying beneath it.  Unfortunately, Farmer Small was right behind me and when he saw the ruined melon, he lost it.  He said several bad words, veritable paragraphs of invective, which are most politely summarized as:     "I !*$% hate slugs!"
I had to tell Farmer Small that slugs are an unfortunate fact of farming and one runs into slugs in every aspect of life.  I reminded him that slugs are entitled to try to survive too.  He said that maybe slugs are just misunderstood and that he thought he'd try  to do something social with the slugs.  You know, the smile never changed on his little plastic face, but I can't help but be worried that Farmer Small is breaking bad.


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