Yes, it's that little brown dot in the left corner!
There are certain things that people associate with Maine- blueberries, lobster and
Since I am allergic to lobster, and  don't like  blueberries, I was looking forward to seeing a live moose.   Even though I'd lived here for awhile, the only moose I had seen  was stretched out on a trailer behind some hunter's truck on I-95.  
    A couple of weeks ago, I left my house at 5 am to drive up to Presque Isle, the other end of the state, for a meeting at 10:00.  The day ran long, and I was tired while driving back at dusk.  Unusual motion ahead of me caught my eye, but I didn't register what I was seeing enough to really slow the car.  The moose came up quickly from the left embankment: head first, massive shoulders rising,  moving into the highway, where it slowed to plod across the pavement.  I hit the brakes hard, and hoped that space, time and angels  were on my side. 
    As it went by, it didn't look like a deer or a horse, but a centaur. Once it reached the grass on the other side, it galloped up to the treeline.  Finally, I thought, I've seen a moose. Or a centaur. I pulled up my phone and snapped a picture for verification.  Despite the photo, I still wasn't sure. My uncertainty convinced me that  I was done driving for the day and should spend the night in Bangor.   So the above picture is of a moose - or of a centaur.You decide - it's all possible in the wilds of Maine.


11/30/2012 2:52pm

Hey. What's going on besides a black blob in the left corner of you're true called a moose? I know you had almost had the winner in the power ball lottery. So didn't I. Just wanted to mention that a bunch of us are going to the bingo this Monday evening, in case you were interested. Later. JV

11/30/2012 4:04pm

Hey Buddy! SO close on powerball - only 5 numbers away! Bingo in Biddeford ? Sounds fun -I'll call you - Celine


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