Farmer Small wasn't too happy today when I finally caught up with him.
"What's up? " I asked.
"Look how big this is now," he said pointing to the mystery vegetable. 
"I thought you liked big vegetables," I said. 
"This is too big - I could get squashed by this thing!"
"That's funny," I said.
"It's not funny," he shouted. " I'm serious!"  Enraged, he tried to stamp his plastic foot, which didn't work because his plastic legs don't bend. 
    "I thought you were making a joke, you know, squashed by a squash  . . ." 
Apparently Farmer Small was not joking.  I left him muttering about his thoughts and fears  and went inside to write. Next time I can't find Farmer Small I will, however, check under the mystery vegetable . . . just in case.       


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