Saturday.  The sun rose and lit a morning sky already filled with billowing clouds.  The temperature was warm enough to leave the sliding door to the back yard open, and spring breezes wafted into the kitchen. I'd had a relaxing start to the day, but as I drank my coffee, my mind was overrun with errands and chores that needed to be done.   
    Trinity bounded into the kitchen, smacked into my legs and then ran full tilt outside.  I took another sip of coffee and tried to figure out whether I had enough time to clean the bathroom and the garden and to write.  Trinity ran back into the kitchen with the blue frisbee in her mouth, dropped it at my feet and then looked at me expectantly. I nudged the frisbee aside and she ran back outside, as I considered whether returning the bottles and grocery shopping this morning would leave me enough time this afternoon to do the cleaning and to write.  
    I heard a squeak and looked at the sliding door where Trinity waited with a tennis ball in her mouth.  "I've got to do stuff." I told her.   It might have been the light, but I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes just before she dropped the tennis ball so that it landed near the frisbee.  Ok, I thought, bottles and groceries first. 
     As I got up to rinse out my coffee cup,  Trinity came back into the kitchen with her fuzzy pink pig  clutched in her mouth. It is her favorite toy because the pig grunted when she bit it just right.  She stood between me and the sink.   I looked at the pig hanging out of her mouth, the frisbee and tennis ball strewn across the floor and saw Trinity's alternate agenda for the day.  Frisbee and fetch or chores and errands.  It would be just wrong to waste such a beautiful day on chores and errands.  It might have been a coincidence, but as soon as I came to that realization, the pig grunted.   

Susan Richardson
04/14/2012 6:50pm

That dog does have her priorities straight! And who can blame her for wanting to spend the day playing with her favorite person!


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