Farmer Small hopes he uses "X" soon!
"How's learning the alphabet going, Farmer Small?" I asked.
"I'm not doing that anymore." said Farmer Small.
      "Did you know that there are 26 letters in the alphabet?  And some of them are extras. That's too many to learn!"
I thought about it. 26 letters could be a lot to learn if you have a little plastic brain, but I  wasn't sure about the "extras."  
"Really?" I asked. "There are extra letters?"
"Yes." said Farmer Small. "Do we really need the letter "C?" Don't "S"  and "K" cover it?"
I hadn't really thought about it. Personally, I'm fond of the letter "C."  Also, the thoughts in his little plastic brain were giving me a headache. But then, I had an idea. 
"How about if you only have to learn 6 letters?"  
"Maybe," he said, suspiciously, "what are they."  
"That's five," he said.  Are you trying to make me learn "C"?"
"No, no, forget "C." I said . The sixth letter is "X"  so you can sign your name in case you win." 
"Win?"  asked Farmer Small. "What do I win If I learn those letters ?"  
"Money." I said.  
Farmer Small smiled. 
"I can learn those letters!"  
That's the attitude everyone should have toward learning the alphabet, or at least some of it.  Good luck Farmer Small!


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