I was walking through the yard on my way to work  when I noticed Farmer Small  hanging out by a hanging basket of flowers.  "Hey Farmer Small.  I thought we agreed that you were going to stay out of my flower gardens." 
"I'm not in the flower garden. I'm on the hummingbird feeder." 
"And what are you doing  on the hummingbird feeder?"
He threw up his hands in exasperation as he answered.
"I'm going to catch a ride on the hummingbird."   
Of course.  Why else would one hang out on the  hummingbird feeder?
"Does the hummingbird know about this?" I asked.
"Not yet," said Farmer Small.
 "Well, have fun trying to ride the hummingbird."
Farmer Small smiled at me. "Well, you have fun going to work."  
Hmmmm.  I suspect that Farmer Small will have more fun than I will today.


Joanne Holtje
07/31/2013 6:41pm

but you will have more fun than the Hummingbird.....

08/02/2013 10:15am

Would u b thinking about turning farmer small into a "small" book?
Fun to follow. 😎

Farmer Small
08/19/2013 3:56pm

My name may be Small but my literary ambitions are big! I hope Celine gets to it soon!

Grumpy Farmer
09/02/2013 7:15am

Harvest time


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