It was early morning and there was a strange noise coming from the kitchen.  I got up to investigate and found the kitchen strewn with empty candy boxes, candy hearts and paper.  Farmer Small was wielding a large pair of scissors.
"Farmer Small, what are you doing?"   
"Celebrating Valentine's Day," he said.
"Who is your valentine?"   
He gave me a look of confusion.
"You're supposed to have a valentine?" 
"Most people have  a special someone to celebrate with." 
"Just one person?" he asked.  
"Usually," I said. "Unless you are an old school Mormon."  
"But I love everyone!" 
That was a new and unexpected development. I decided to test it out a little. 
"Do you love the Grumpy Farmer?" I asked. 
"Ok," I said, "who else do you love?"  
He hesitated. "Does the dog count as a valentine?"
"Of course,"I said. "Anyone else?"
"I said I love everybody!!!!" he yelled.  
It could have been the candy talking. But it is possible that Farmer Small does love everybody.  There is a big heart encased in his small plastic body.  Happy Valentine's Day from your valentine - Farmer Small.


02/14/2013 4:30pm

happy valentine's day farmer small...

Yvette Boyle
02/15/2013 8:19am

Dear farmer small, I am honored to be your Valentine! Along with the dog and everyone else. You made my day! Xoxoxo Memere.


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