You can decorate anything!
I was walking through our house the other day when I noticed Farmer Small struggling wih a string of lights.
"What are you doing with those?" I asked. 
    "I'm getting ready to decorate our Christmas tree," he said. 
    "Gee," I said. "Some of my friends say Christmas is less stressful if you don't get a tree. I'm was  thinking about not having  a tree in the house."  
    "That's crazy!" he said. "It's Christmas! We should have a tree!"   He shook the string of lights and glared at me.     
    "I'm going to decorate something." he said.  
    "Have at it." 
    A little later I heard the clack of lights being dragged across the floor, followed by a low gutteral sound. I found Farmer Small sneaking up on the sleeping dog who had opened one eye and was growling a warning at him.  I scooped Farmer Small up before he became a chew toy.    
     "If  I decorate the dog it would be awesome!"  said Farmer Small. "You know, like a moving light display."  
    It doesn't happen often, but my friends are wrong. In my house, it's actually less stressful to have a tree. I lowered him and his lights to the table. 
    "Why don't we get a tree this weekend, Farmer Small."  
    "That sounds good."  



12/15/2012 1:17pm

And will Farmer Small be helping with the un-decorating of the tree? There's the real chore.
Best wishes from your treeless, heathen friend!

Farner Small
12/18/2012 4:57pm

Did you try decorating your dog? I still want to try that idea! And it might give you and your dog a spark of Christmas spirit !!
Your friend, Farmer Small


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