Farmer Small enjoying the garden.
I spent part of this past  weekend hanging around in the garden but I didn't see much of Farmer Small.  I finally found him lounging in the sun on the unidentified vegetable, which had developed unusual porportions. 
    "Figure out what this is yet?" I asked.
     "Nope," said Farmer Small. 
    "Aren't you concerned that you can't identify the vegetables growing in the garden?" 
    "I know most of them," he said. "This one seems kind of familiar.  And it's comfortable, so I thought I'd just sit here for awhile."  
    And that's what he did for a few hours, just whiling away the time with a smile on his face.  Can't really fault him for that.  


Grumpy farmer
09/05/2012 3:30pm

Instead of relaxing on you produce it looks like it has a bunch of weeds growing around it . There is no relaxing before the harvest ,!!!!!

Farmer Small
09/06/2012 7:09pm

It must be hard to only grow small produce you can't relax on!


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