A close inspection of the holiday photos reveals Farmer Small's hiding place among the Christmas decorations.
The holiday hubub had died down and I had just finished putting away the Christmas decorations when I  realized that I hadn't seen Farmer Small for a while.  I was getting worried about the little guy.   Suddenly, a tiny voice drifted up from from behind the coffee maker.    
"Are they gone? " 
"Famer Small ! I said. "Nice to see you. Are who gone?" 
"Those people." 
"Oh" I said, our unexpected holiday guests are gone."
"Good" said Farmer Small "That means I can be done with hiding."  
"Why were you hiding?"   
"One of them thought I was a bug and kept trying to squish me with her cane."
"It's true that she really doesn't like bugs."
"Did I miss Christmas?  he asked.
"Unfortuately, yes."  
 His little lip quivered.   
"It was my first one inside."   
"Well, I said, there was a present for you."  "From you?"  
"No, from the Grumpy Farmer."  
"Where is it?"  
"Somewhere around here - I'll find it for you."    
"OK. he said "I'm still in time to celebrate New Years though - right?"  
I thought about it.  "Well, Farmer Small, I figure that we have 352 opportunities to celebrate the new year ahead of us." 
"YEAH! We can have a party every night!"
Clearly Farmer Small's assessment is that 2013 is going to be filled with reasons to celebrate - happy new year everyone!


Grumpy farmer
01/29/2013 6:08pm

Welcome to 2013. Do you have your seed catalogue yet?
I am going thru mine planning to start soonl

Farmer Small
02/03/2013 3:49pm

I 'm not sure where the mailbox is.

Joanne Holtje
02/02/2013 6:11pm

Talk about a cliff hanger!
Can't wait until the next installment when GF's gift to FS is revealed.
Glad to see you writing again.

02/03/2013 4:05pm

Life with Farmer Small is always exciting! Glad to be writing - thanks for visiting. :)


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