Sunday brought another 10 inches of wet heavy snow.   It was pretty and peaceful as I looked across the back yard,   but I wondered when there would  be a sign of spring.  
"Oh no! "  a little voice complained."Not more snow! "
The peaceful moment was over.
"What's the problem,  Farmer Small?" I asked.
"That groundhog is an idiot! Spring isn't coming -why people listen to that rodent is beyond me!" 
 Since I agreed with Farmer Small, I didn't have much to add to his rant. It didn't matter because he wasn't finished. 
"This stinks! My tomatoes are sprouting.   They'll need to be outside soon, and there's still snow."
"They look good, Farmer Small.  Have you told the Grumpy Farmer that they've sprouted?" 
"Nope," he said. 
"Why not?"  
"I'm not giving him my gardening secrets. He can grow his own tomatoes." 
"There weren't any seeds in the present you gave him."  
 "Heh,heh,heh," he laughed as he walked away,   
Farmer Small is a scary little dude.


Grumpy farmer
02/28/2013 8:21pm

Heh heh heh,small secrets. Heh heh heh

Farmer Small
03/07/2013 8:09pm

Small secrets, but BIG tomatoes.

Grumpy Farmer
03/08/2013 9:50am

Are mechanical solar tomatoes next? Do they grow from sunbeams or solar seeds?


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