PictureFarmer Small's pumpkins
I was standing at the kitchen counter making dinner when Farmer Small climbed up.
"The vegetables are ready to pick so I brought some to show you."
"Great,"  I said. "What did you pick?"
I looked over at him.  " Your pumpkins look a  lot like sungold tomatoes."   
"Really?" asked Farmer Small. "To me they look like pumpkins.  Maybe you need to change your perspective." 
"Maybe you're right," I said.  "Why don't you toss your pumpkins into this bowl with the lettuce, cucumbers and croutons, and I'll think about that while I eat my salad." 
"Fine," said Farmer Small. "But don't come crying to me when there are no jack-o-lanterns for Halloween."
"Wait a minute- I planted actual pumpkins seeds back in the Spring. What happened to those? " 
"The chipmunks ate those and then you just put the other pumpkins in your salad. So now you know. See you later." 
With that, Farmer Small hopped off the counter and slid out the door, leaving me with my salad and my new perspective.   




Grumpy Farmer
09/02/2013 3:42pm

I have also been eating my pumpkins, for a couple of weeks.

Farmer Small
09/03/2013 6:19pm

It's good to eat pumpkins, big and small!!


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