I feel like I am running out of time.   It's odd that I feel that way because just last week we had an extra day added to the year, but it didn't help.  Clearly,  there is a problem with Leap Year. 
    To refresh your memory regarding the Leap Year concept, it takes the earth 365 days and roughly 6 hours each year to circle the sun, so every 4 years we acquire another day.  The problem is that the powers in charge of the extra day put it in February.  
    February is a stubby month and adding an extra day  doesn't give it the stature of a real month, like August or May.  No one is running around saying "Hey, it's February, I need another day."  There are already two holidays in February: Presidents' Day  which doesn't require any preparation, gifts or meals, and Valentines Day which requires preparation, gifts or meals if you are in love, or none of that stuff if you're not in love, but then you generally don't think it's such a great holiday. 
       The problem with Leap Year is that we aren't getting the  extra day when we really need it. Doesn’t it make more sense  to get to December and say "Hey over the last 3 years we acquired some extra time – lets't just add a day to the end of the year – December 32nd!  Or how about adding an extra  day after the SuperBowl, or decreeing that a random weekend have  2 Saturdays - who couldn't use that!
    I've calculated that we've got 360 days and 18 hours to get this fixed. Who do we need to call to get this done?  

03/13/2012 12:25pm

What fun! You are a great god mother.


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