Farmer Small finds odd object in the garden
I'm not sure what I was thinking about when I initially purchased plants and seeds for this year's garden.  Although my feet were in the aisle at Agway, my mind was cavorting through the imaginary rows of my perfect garden plot, lush with healthy, blemish-less vegetables. No bugs, blight, or weeds marred the image. Fast forward to four months later where the rows aren't perfect, the weeds are winning, and I'm growing a UFO: unidentified fruit -like object.  I have no idea what the above large, pale vegetable is. It is the color of ghosts and moonlight and its size is increasing at a greater rate than anything else in the garden.  It has frightened the watermelon into inactivity, and frankly, there are less bugs in the garden as they cautiously circle it but refuse to land. Something is making me think that it's possible that it's a giant pumpkin, because I remember  toying with the idea of growing one, but I think I resisted that impulse. . . or maybe not.  Thoughts? 


09/04/2012 8:40pm

Spaghetti Squash?
You know, to go with all those tomatoes.

09/05/2012 2:54pm

You'd think! Real gardeners who have seen it tell me it's not. Other than saying it's in the squash/gourd/pumpkin family no one knows what this thing is. And its seriously growing :)


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