Farmer Small and tomatoes in a can.
I was watching the Superbowl when I heard a small voice.  "Excuse me - are you busy?" 
Farmer Small was sounding much more polite than usual. Something was up.
"I was watching the game, but the power is out so there's a delay.  Did you need something?"
"Remember when you said I got a present from the Grumpy Farmer? " 
That explained the polite inquiry. I retrieved it and placed it in front of him. 
"He got me a can?"
"Not exactly. It's a tomato plant."
"In a can?" asked Farmer Small "He grows stuff in cans? That explains a lot about his garden." 
He scowled as he considered the Grumpy Farmer's gift and then gave it a little kick. 
"This is a dumb Christmas present."
"Maybe you should try gratitude. It's the only Christmas present you got. And you probably shouldn't have made fun of his tomatoes ."    
"Fine. I'm gonna grow it!"   
"You know, I said, sometimes plants in stunt packaging don't grow too well." 
"I can grow anything!" 
Clearly Farmer Small's confidence had not abandoned him in the New Year. 
"So, when should I be expecting fresh tomatoes to eat?" I asked
"About three months." 
"That long?"   
Farmer Small shot me a look. "I'm a farmer, not a miracle worker. Maybe you should try gratitude."
Gratitude. Hmmm. Ouch.   



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