It's so great when a weekend that started in needlessly created turmoil on Thursday night (learn how to take a focused deposition attorney you-know- who-you- are so we don't miss the flippin' plane home) turns out to be pretty wonderful anyway.   At a  party with the band currently known as Lucky Jack on Friday night (excellent music, delicious food, thanks Tim and Jodie!)  I learned of the Higgins Armory which is somwehere in MA  and has the exact research I need on weapons for my childrens book.  On Saturday I mowed two of  three sections of the tangled weeds and grass masquerading as our lawn before we went to a pre-ceremony lobster dinner hosted by Sue and Sharon, and met their families and friends from away.  It is no surprise that the two of them are related to and are friends with such fun people!  And then, on Sunday, Sue and Sharon had  their wedding celebration.  It was one of those weddings that you know will  stay with you. They looked radiant, and the outdoor ceremony was both solemn and joyful. To be in the presence of their love for each other, and the love of their friends and family for them, was to be reminded of all good and holy things. And it made me grateful for family, friendships new, old, and renewed, and the time to be with each other.          

Sue McCarthy
05/30/2012 9:01am

enjoyed your blog and wanted to tell you that the Higgins Armory is located in Worcester, about 2 hrs from here. It's a fascinating place to visit so I hope you and Susan can take a road trip there soon. Maybe stop in Boylston at Tower Hill Botanical Gardens and have lunch on the patio with a beautiful view.


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