"Hey Farmer Small, where were you yesterday?"  
"I went down to celebrate the Grumpy Farmer's birthday with him. "
"Oh right," I said. "I was going to send  him a card."  
"That's pretty lame," said Farmer Small. "I got him a present."


"What did you get him?"  I asked. 
"A great present!" said Farmer Small. " You know how he grows things in cans?  I got him a greenhouse with soil pellets."
"That sounds nice, " I said. "What seeds are in there?"  
"Seeds?" asked Farmer Small innocently.
"Did you tell him that it doesn't come with seeds?"
"Not yet," said Farmer Small.  
Hmmm.  I watched as Famer Small walked by the tomato plant in the can that the Grumpy Farmer had given him for Christmas. Nothing had sprouted yet. I suspect that it may be a long time before the Grumpy Farmer hears that his gift didn't come with seeds. 


Grumpy farmer
02/17/2013 4:12pm

How come there are small footprints all over my birthday cake?

08/18/2013 8:18pm

This was a really quality site. In theory I’d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good site…

08/19/2013 4:00pm

Thank you! I appreciate that you visited my site and for your kind words - come by anytime!


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