Although it got off to a late start, it's been another good weekend. 
    On Friday night I was looking forward to coming home to pick about 1/2 dozen little strawberries.  When I last saw them, they were glistening in the morning dew, but I thought that they could use one more day of sunshine. The previous ones I'd picked started sweet but the finish made me pucker, so I figured that I'd been a bit impulsive.  But when I got to the garden, the strawberries  weren't there.  What the heck? I had covered them with bird netting secured with ground staples.  Then I discovered a hole in the ground at the base of one of the  plants, with a partially eaten strawberry by it.  I shoved a pine cone in it with sharp sides down.  It's on, greedy chipmunk!
    I was able to finish an essay I'd been working on about weddings and love - it's up, so check it out if you're inclined.  Speaking of love, happy father's day to my Dad.  I must be his favorite because I was the first to call him today, my slacker siblings! :)

Janine Bilodeau.....your sister
06/18/2012 11:43am

You should have checked the time on my FB entry to Dad for Father's're in second place:)

06/20/2012 2:54am

You got me. Who knew Dad was going to be such a techie? 2nd place it is!


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