PictureRoses saved from bugs!
"Hey, guess what?"
"Hi Farmer Small," I said. "Nice to see you! What brings you inside?" 
"Aren't you going to guess?" asked Farmer Small. 
"Sure, I can guess.  You came in to tell me that we should be getting fresh vegetables from the garden soon." 
"No, that's not it," said Farmer Small. "There might be some vegetables in the garden but it's hard to tell with all the weeds." 
"Well, you know our deal. You are in charge of the vegetables and I am in charge of the flowers." 
"That's the surprise,"  said Farmer Small. "I helped you with the flowers." 
" You helped - how?"  I said. 
" I saved your roses," said Farmer Small.  
" From what?"   
"How did you save them from bugs?" 
"I cut them, and brought them inside."
I looked at the floor and saw a pile of greenery, thorns  and rose petals.  Some bloomless bushes were visible through the window. The flower garden looked like Edward Scissorhands had a seizure in it.  
"Exactly how many roses did you save?" I asked. 
" Almost all of them," he said.  " I can finish this afternoon!" 
"We have bug spray, you know," I said.
 "Bug spray?" asked Farmer Small. "Organic bug spray?"
I nodded.
"That should work," he mused.  
"Yes, that's why we have it. So we can enjoy the roses on the rose bushes. Outside. In the flower garden. Where you are not supposed to be."  
"So you're not going to thank me for saving your roses?" asked Farmer Small. 
"Why don't you go save the vegetables from the weeds," I said.  "That might inspire some gratitude." 
He was muttering as he hopped off the table." I doubt it."   


Grumpy farmer
07/16/2013 6:14pm

Very beautiful!! Who is protecting your farm from the varmints ??


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