Yesterday, May 6th, was the birthday of three people whom I dearly love.  No, they're not a set of  triplets.  These are three people who have never met each other, yet each has been an unexpected gift in my life.   
    My grandmother, Mabel Helene Laramee LeBlanc would have been 101 yesterday if she were alive.  Memere was a grade school teacher for decades, and believed that the ability of children to read was the key to their success as adults.  She loved her 18 grandchildren,took them beachcombing and to bingo, gave them books, and made sure that each of them could read.
     Our friend, the poet and writer Greg Joly also celebrated his birthday yesterday.  He spent it building a stone wall.  There's something fundamentally appropriate about undertaking that activity on one's birthday.  Check out the Writers I Love section for a sample of his work. 
    Because it was our friend Sue's birthday yesterday, we ended the day at Barnacle Billy's overlooking the ocean, laughing and celebrating with a group of about 20 joyous women.  The conversation ranged from the incredible luck, er, skill of those who hit the trifecta with Derby winner I'll Have Another, to the planning of a trip to Mohegan Sun, to the cautious anticipation of one's first days of retirement. The rum punch flowed,  Sue looked great, and it was a beautiful end to the weekend.



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