A small arrangement for Susan with a rose, argeratum and some other blue flower.
Yes, I know -  according to traditional calendars summer came to a close in September. For me, the true end of summer is signaled by the last blooming rose and the "last mowing of the lawn." There are still some rose buds defying the inevitable but the lawn has been mowed. Some visiting voles have decided that ours is the best lawn in the neighborhood to build their tunnels, so it is always a relief to complete this task without breaking the lawn mower or an ankle.      
        I've tried to talk Trinity into getting the voles to relocate, but she is not interested. Her priority is to chase off any bird that has the audacity to land on the property.  When she was a puppy, a sparrow flew by, and she snapped it out of the air - apparently God's eye was not on that sparrow.  Susan puts up birdfeeders in the fall and when the birds swoop in to feed, Trinity sprints and lunges at them.   No leisurely resting at these feeders; it really is survival of the fittest.  Maybe it's bad karma, but I don't mind because that dog is saving me cash on bird food.  

Grumpy farmer
10/10/2012 4:27pm

Beautiful arrangement which also saved you money. And the positive effect on the bird flying skills provided by trinity as their personal trainer


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