I start each day by going out to water my garden and collect the bounty.  As you can see from the picture to the left, the bounty is varied but kind of small.  I have hopes of a greater harverst, if I can stay ahead of the wildlife.    
      The chipmunk clearly acquired the bigger portion of the strawberry season bounty.  I collected approximately a berry per plant, but more berries were there - the chipmunk just picked them before I did.  He started to get arrogant about his ample strawberry harvest because he took to leaving berries lying around with a a few small bites taken out of them.  I tried to encourage Trinity to take a few small bites out of the chipmunk, but so far no luck.  The garden games continue~


07/09/2012 3:49am

Celine. remember it is the quality not the quantity that is important. The picture is awesome. The arrangement and color of your bounty is very artistic! Love, mom


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