I was just making peace with the concept that the chipmunk was likely going to eat a portion of my garden harvest when I discovered that he had built a large, deep crater in my backyard.  He's either built a trap hoping to cause me a serious ankle injury, or flush with his strawberry stealing success, he's upped his vision from berries and built a hole big enough to accommodate cucumbers, tomatoes and squash.  Maybe he's noticed that I'm trying to grow pumpkins!   
    Trinity is still more interested in interacting with the fox that visits our yard than guarding the gardens,  so when Jason brought Daisy by tonight, I tried to get her interested in chipmunk hunting.  So far, all she's caught is the teddy bear.  As far as I know the teddy bear is not stealing my vegetables-

Small puppy with big ears listening for the chipmunk!

07/19/2012 3:16pm

Be careful! That is a very smart chipmunk.


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