The sky was so blue today that it was easy to forget that we just had a major storm.  When we went to  Kennebunk beach, the waves were vigorous and frothy, and storm refuse was scattered across the sand and over the retaining wall onto the road.   Sand dollars were lying on the expanse of beach between the water and the rocks  and the sand was studded with beach glass, smashed lobster traps, remnants of lumber and stones.  The beauty of the day brought people out walking the beach and dodging the bulldozer that was moving mounds of sand to protect the houses lining the beach from the very ocean that their owners were so keen to be close to.  Every once and awhile, an agressive wave would break past the others and run far up onto the beach, as if to remind the bulldozer of the futility of its endeavor.  I might have had some thoughts  of fragility and inpermanence but I lost them as I bent down to collect dulled shards of broken glass.  


03/12/2013 6:30pm

Love seeing the sand dollar! You are celebrating the past as well the present. Thank you, Xoxo


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