"We've got BIG tomatoes in Maine! " says Farmer Small.
This past week was one in which I travelled, so I didn't get to spend as much time in the garden as I would have liked.  I did, however, see the grumpy farmer down in Concord, MA and he not only gave me a tour of his garden plot, but he also sent me home with approximately 3 dozen cherry tomatoes.  When Farmer Small saw the cherry tomatoes he was not impressed.  
    "They're small." he said. 
    "They're cherry tomatoes," I said, "they are supposed to be small. And they are very tasty." 
    "Big tomatoes are better!" said Farmer Small.  
While his response is clearly not gracious, I figure that Farmer Small is getting antsy because the growing season is coming to an end and he knows that he's about to be tossed into the garden plot to winter over. He's getting concerned about whether he'll make it through  the roto-tilling in the spring without losing a little plastic limb.  I don't know why he's worried - that's months away!  Anyway, on behalf of Farmer Small and the other members of this household, many thanks to the grumpy farmer for a lovely visit and the delicious cherry tomatoes.  


Grumpy farmer
09/01/2012 12:20pm

Farmer small better watch out as grumpy farmer may visit Maine this fall and he or she may become farmer TINY

Farmer Small
09/05/2012 2:39pm

Are you coming up to learn how to grow BIG tomatoes ?You and your little tomatoes are welcome anytime.

Grumpy farmer
09/05/2012 3:26pm

If I come to your little plot you will be watching your carrots and beets growing from the bottom


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