The work day finally ended and my writing vacation has started!  Joy! As you can see, I have acquired the necessities: pen, paper, beer and beauty.  I shifted around my lunch earlier to meet with my writing group.  Being with them always inspires me - today they gave me the strength I needed to complete all the tasks at my job so that I could finally arrive at this very point. 
    Tomorrow I plan to start my day at the Higgins Armory to complete some research on weapons.  When I mentioned this to my friend Marie tonight, her mother wanted to know what kind of children's book needed weapons research.  I'm thinking that she has some concerns.  
    My goal for the rest of the week is to really polish out the draft and make sure that there is continuity and integrity to the story.   I haven't had a block of time to do this, so I am excited about the creative possibilities of the available time.   The only non-writing activity I am thinking about is going to the new casino with some friends mid-week.  And actually, there's some research for my book that I can verify at the casino - I'm probably not going to mention that to Marie's mom, though.  


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